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HIDEAWAYS Seychellen Special

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Noah’s Ark in the Indian Ocean
Until the turn of the millennium, North Island was nothing more than an overgrown coconut plantation. The island was then rehabilitated, creating a jewel in the landscape that has been creating a sensation for the past ten years with one of the most expensive luxury lodges in the world and an absolutely outstanding conservation project.

Exclusive Privacy Inspired by the Lotus Blossom
It ranks as one of the most spectacular hideaways in the Seychelles and is often referred to as the jewel of the Indian Ocean: the MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa in the southwest of Mahé. Its outstanding location on a small, secluded peninsula on the pristine white sands of “Anse Louis” beach is just one of its many unique features.

A paradise of unspoilt beauty
Turquoise blue waters, brilliant white beaches and palm trees, plus a dazzling blue sky – the small, but fine island of Desroches in the Indian Ocean is unbelievably beautiful. For anyone seeking the original experience of a unspoilt island, while at the same time not wishing to compromise on luxurious comfort, the Five star Desroches Island Experience is exactly the right destination. The coral atoll of Desroches is located around fourty minutes away by air from Mahé, to the south west of.

Visit to a luxurious “freckle”
To someone who has found them after searching for a long time on a map of the world, the Seychelles might seem like buried treasure. The treasure was raised by a Portuguese mariner, Vasco da Gama, who discovered this group of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, as it were, when just passing by on his voyage to Asia. Nowadays the Seychelles – located 1,600 kilometres to the east of Africa and around ten hours away from Europe by air – are one of the last genuine paradises on earth.

A luxury refuge for gourmets, golfers and relaxation-seekers
New elegance and the old art of hospitality, luxury and environmental protection – this is what the name Constance Hotels Experience stands for. The company which has its origins in the sugar industry is deeply rooted in the culture of the Indian Ocean. Each and every one of its luxury hotels is a hidden oasis of peace and tranquillity. Each resort has a special location and its own particular beauty and history. One of these oases is the Constance Lémuria Resort in the Seychelles.

A granite rock jewel in the Indian Ocean
If there’s one place in the world that deserves to be called “heaven on earth”, then it’s Frégate Island Private. The island, which belongs to the archipelago of 150 islands that make up the Seychelles, is situated just twenty minutes by air from Mahé and is blessed with a tropical climate all year round. Covering an area of three square kilometres, the island offers a unique destination where ecological restoration and exclusive tourism come together to create a sublime whole. Exclusivity is the key feature of this Seychelles island with just sixteen villas, but home to 2,000 tortoises and over 100 different bird species.

Escape to paradise
If it’s peace and tranquillity you’re looking for, combined with a paradise-like setting, then Enchanted Island Resort could well be the destination of your dreams. The tiny Seychelles island offers a promise of beauty, harmony and exclusivity. The Enchanted Island Resort is set to open its heavenly doors in the spring of 2013.