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HIDEAWAYS Golf & Wellness 2016

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 Get fit smartly:Your summer body the smart way!
Summer is here and for sure, you feel like showing off a perfect body. You are still on time to get it but the hurry does not have to make you choose aggressive methods that can be harmful for your health: miraculous diets, long and intensive gym days or invasive aesthetic treatments.

 Divine Luxury

The approximately 80 kilometre long Datça peninsula, west of Marmaris, juts into the glistening Turkish Aegean like a long,  narrow green dagger. Here, on one of the most beautiful and idyllic coastal sections in the whole of Europe.

 My PLACE like no other

Amid the dreamy landscape of Holstein Switzerland, the Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa am Meer is raising the bar for the luxury hotel sector in Germany. Set in landscaped parkland spanning 75 hectares, the residence with a private stretch of beach presents exclusive rooms and suites throughout a castle building.

 A blissful haven to fall in love with
The German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, prince of poets Friedrich Schiller, aristocrat Charlotte von Stein, the architect Walter Gropius and artist Paul Klee – all distinguished names, and the list could go on and on. It really is quite remarkable how many famous individuals the little town of Weimar has produced over the centuries.

 Feelgood golfing resort out of the ordinary
The leading resort for golf and wellbeing on Mauritius, the island of dreams in the Indian Ocean, welcomes sporty and discerning guests with a taste for the exclusive from all around the world. Situated on the home island of Sun Resorts, the  renowned Mauritian hotel group, are true gems of the luxury hotel sector.

It’s better in the Bahamas
It’s better in the Bahamas In terms of geography, the Bahamas is situated around 80 kilometres southeast of Florida and 100 kilometres north of Cuba. Some 700 coral islands, 2,500 cays,  reefs and sandbanks extend like a string of precious pearls over almost 14,000 square kilometres of the west Atlantic. 

Die aktuelle HIDEAWAYS Ausgabe 7/2016, Heft 6, erhalten Sie in unserem Online-Shop, einfach auswählen und bestellen, oder genießen Sie HIDEAWAYS viermal im Jahr im kostengünstigen Abonnement frei Haus.


Vitigliano, ToskanaSaisonstart am 22. März - über Ostern noch wenige Suiten verfügbar !» Zum Angebot...

Coquillade Village, LuberonDZ ab 250.-» Zum Angebot...

Borgo Eibn Mountain-Lodge, FriaulChalet ab 240,- Euro» Zum Angebot...

Pleta de Mar - MallorcaLuxury by Nature in erster Meereslinie !» Zum Angebot...

Frühling auf Mallorca Attraktive Angebote für das Castel Son Claret» Zum Angebot...

Villa Eden Luxury ResortDas neue Highlight am Gardasee, DZ am 320,- Euro» Zum Angebot...