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© Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York


A glittering jewel set in the heart of Manhattan
In May 2015, in one of Manhattan’s finest locations south of Central Park, the French crystal manufacturer Baccarat opened its five-star Baccarat Hotel and Residences New York.

A small first-class cruise liner for gourmands and globetrotters
The 20th April 2017 is the day that many have been waiting for, the day when the Silver Muse – the new flagship of the Silversea cruise line company – will be embarking on her maiden voyage.

Aristocratic living in a historic setting
One of England’s most beautiful and impressive luxury hotels offers a charming,  typically English interior behind its grand façade. Guests can look forward to excellent service in a historic atmosphere.

Exclusive lodge living on the slopes above Kitzbühel
The Hahnenkamm Lodge, a luxurious Alpine hideaway, sits enthroned high above the rooftops of Kitzbühel. In the heart of the world’s best skiing region, the fully catered lodge offers all the exclusive comforts needed for an unforgettable stay.

Feel the beating heart of the brand
Kitzbühel’s reputation as a winter sport resort is nothing short of legendary. The little town in the Eastern Alps offers its clientele a wide range of events and attractions, superb shops, fantastic wining and dining options and excellent hotels.

Luxurious summer happiness in the Kitzbühel Alps
A enchanting wooden chalet, majestic mountaintops, lush green meadows with grazing cows, gurgling streams and the gentle sound of cowbells.

„An art-oriented city retreat for style-conscious travellers“
Located in the heart of Düsseldorf’s old town, the Derag Livinghotel De Medici brings together art, history and stylish elegance behind walls that are steeped in tradition.


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