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Velaa Private Island

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Stylish sophistication in the realm of the turtle

When a cosmopolitan citizen of the world and an internationally-renowned elite architect come together and implement their vision of the perfect holiday paradise on a Maldivian island, then you can be sure that the result is something quite unique – Velaa Private Island is the quintessence of everything that luxury travellers could ever expect when it comes to the finer things in life.

The Maldives are booming. Every year new islands are being made accessible for international tourism – and there’s no end in sight. The trend is moving towards more and more spectacular projects, in particular in the high-end sector. The latest example of just that is Velaa Private Island in the Noonu Atoll, a 45-minute flight from Malé International Airport. In Dhivehi, the language spoken locally on the islands, Velaa means turtle. And when viewed from the air, the resort does indeed resemble the local sea inhabitant. The overwater villas in the turquoise lagoon represent the head and the island itself the body. For centuries turtles have been laying their eggs in the powdersoft sand of the beach that fringes the island. And that is still the case today. Their nests are protected and, after hatching, the tiny marine creatures are set free into the ocean. Not only have the turtles lent their name to the private island resort created by leading Czech entrepreneur Jirí Smejc and his wife Radka, but they also play a role in the outstanding design of many features in this luxury resort.

The multi award-winning, Prague-based architect Petr Kolár, did not leave anything to chance when planning Velaa Private Island. The architecture, interior design, furniture design, technical details and solutions and landscape planning all rested in the hands of Petr Kolár resulting in a stylish, homogenous whole.

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