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Song Saa Private Island

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HIDEAWAYS of the Year 2013

When dreams come true the feeling is indescribably uplifting – and that is precisely what happened to Rory and Melita Hunter, a young Australian couple, who lost their hearts to Cambodia and, in particular, to two tiny tropical islands in the Koh Rang archipelago – Koh Ouen and Koh Bong. The couple became captivated by the desire to own the two islands and, one day, to develop on them an ecologically sustainable tourist destination. And so the Hunters set about turning their vision into reality. Song Saa Private Island is an exceptional private eco-tourism project focussing, on one hand, on environmental conservation, sustainability and social responsibility and, on the other hand, offering uncompromising luxury for discerning travellers from all over the world.

In the Khmer language “Song Saa” means “the sweethearts”, an apt name for the two side-by-side islands. And in order to ensure they remain joined together forever, the Hunters have had a wooden bridge built spanning the narrow inlet between them. The inlet is part of the marine reserve that surrounds the islands, a sanctuary specially created in order to protect the island reefs and the delicate underwater ecosystem. Song Saa Private Island comprises 27 private villas, understated and stunningly beautiful reflecting the simple, pristine beauty of the natural environment in which they are set. When creating them, designer Melita Hunter drew her inspiration from Cambodian fishing villages and built them in harmony with the natural surroundings using sustainable materials. Congratulations to Rory and Melita and her team from the heart to the “HIDEAWAY of the Year 2013”.

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